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Mini Mince Pies Box


The feedback from our customers is our biggest award.  But of course, we are delighted that our food and beloved van, Stanley, have been recognised as outstanding.

The Great Taste Awards are organised by the Guide of Fine Foods. The awards are often described as the Oscars of the food industry.


With over 10,000 entries annually, only 31% of entries were awarded a Gold Star or more last year, including our sausage rolls.


The judges made special comment of our rich flaky homemade buttery puff pastry.


The quality of the pork filling and seasoning balanced with our homemade sweet chutney.


Great Taste Awards

The build up to our Christmas mince pies starts early in the summer with customers counting down until they are available for sale again.

The judges loved our crumbly homemade sweet pastry, the indulgent filling and the fun of the Christmas sherbet.


Our 1 Gold Star mince pies are available during November and December from our Online Deli.


Great Taste Award
Great Taste Star

The Dublicious Milionaire was our 1st ever dessert creation when we started in 2013.


A rework on the Millionaire, we enriched the shortbread biscuit with a little olive oil and vanilla.


Maldon sea salt caramel was offset with a smooth caramel cream, wrapped in a rich dark chocolate mousse and spray painted with chocolate.


So we were delighted to receive 1 Gold Star in 2014 for the dessert, with the judges loving the combination of flavours and textures.


The dessert is available via our private dining menu or a potted version is available via our online deli, BBQ and party menus.

Not only is our food winning awards, Stanley, our fully restored 1964 VW is too.


In 2015, he was awards the best T2 (Splitscreen) van at the Dubs at the Park show.


Restored to as close to factory specifications as possible, he offers an initial intrigue and excitement for your guests.


He looks great in wedding photos and helps add a stylish addition to our service.

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